Tuesday, 3 May 2011

community 'word' project - BIRTH

Well, once again our gorgeous 'from our hearts' community have come up with the goods! Our second community 'word' project was BIRTH... a real tricky one as lots of you wanted to try and take the word away from the obvious... but then again... how beautiful the obvious is... :)
I think the submissions, again are wonderful and it's so lovely to see people chatting and thinking of ideas together on Flickr and then seeing the work appear is just fantastic... thank you to everyone that submitted... here are a few from this month... (please check out lots more in our flickr group!)...
We'll be announcing the next project in the next few days.... :)
Danielle Benbow

Caro Hutchings Photography 

Dave Jenkins Photography 

Cinzia Bruschini 

Cassie Craner 

Amy Radcliffe 

Garlicky Mum 

Teacup Dreams 

Reidy Girl

Hannah Millard

Lindsey Mack

Holly Bobbins

Angela Ward Brown

Nicki Feltham

Summer Love Photography