Welcome to our little blog!

From our Hearts To Our Hands is a collaboration of four photographers who have come together through respect for each other’s work and our similar approach to photography, as well as our common tendency to eat cake, shoot and talk in equal measures!

We all love taking photographs professionally, but we also feel really strongly about making sure we keep taking pictures just for the hell of it, making time to enjoy the freedom of taking photos whenever, wherever and of whatever, having fun experimenting and not having to obsess about creating a ‘perfect’ end product. So From Our Hearts was created as a relaxed place where we, and other photographers, can just have fun with photography, draw inspiration from each other, nurture each other’s creativity and have the support and space to experiment.

Through Flickr, Facebook and Twitter we are fostering an online community where like-minded photographers (both amateur and professional) are free to open discussions, share their own images, create together, learn, support and encourage each other, share exciting ideas, hopes and fears, meet up and shoot together and get involved with projects we launch from the site.

Overall, we recognise that injecting inspiration, nurturing creativity and having fun is so important to us all, both within and outside of our work, and we really hope to build an exciting network of people who want to achieve the same and to feed and develop it within themselves and others. 

We have big plans for this little group and are so excited by it, we hope you are too and that you'll join us for the ride!