I have a slightly nomadic lifestyle at the moment with lots of travel plans around working the job I love. It suits me! I love to travel. I love meeting new people. I love to experience new things and I love that I can get to work and travel at the same time. This year I will visit 6 continents and I am so excited!
It seems I love lots of things!

Other things I like are wandering on the beach when no one else is around, eating marmite and cheese on toast and chasing it with a strong builders tea. I go all weak when I see dogs and have to talk to them all. Normally in that really annoying baby voice that drives people crazy. I rarely watch TV and I love to craft. I have just re-learned to crochet and next up, cross stitch.

I am pretty new to photography at a professional level and through the support of my amazing friends and peers, I am learning that its OK to just be yourself and do things your way! Life is a journey and I am loving every moment!