Thursday, 24 February 2011

A little movie... {Joanna}

A film to me is as beautiful as a photograph and at times more, I used to make movies a long long time ago back at college.  Now I have my camera with a movie function on it I thought that I would give it another whirl and dive right in.  I recently watched ' the rear window';  I fell in love with the colours, the light and the simple notion that it was shot all within a very small space.  So I woke up this morning saw the sunlight and made this; here is my home... (btw I don't want you to think that  I am not lonely in my home I just liked the soundtrack it is 'Husky rescue')

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

My iphone is my sketchpad {Joanna}

For me it does not matter where you are, what camera you have got, it is about looking at the world around me and capturing it in some shape or form.  For those who know me you know how far behind at times with technology (I have one foot firmly in the past),  I used to have the oldest phone in the world a nokia which did not even have a camera on it.  It died and I was upset!  however I have moved on and I am the proud owner of an iphone 4 and wow I love it!!  It means that I can wander round listening to music and get inspired at the same time and take some photos wherever I am.  I love the flexibility of this it is so immediate and it inspires me, everyday I shoot things now thanks to this and when I see something then I can capture it, this iphone is like my sketch book, just noting down things that I see when I am out and about...

Monday, 21 February 2011

from our hearts project...

What started out as a simple thought that maybe, just maybe there will be a few other people out there who feel the same as us has grown into a group of amazing photographers all coming together. To meet new people, learn from each other, inspire creativity and above all shoot for the sake of it again.

Our first From Our Hearts first project was announced in January and the theme was simply, From the Heart. Shooting and sharing images that came from within or were felt to represent what the group stood for. And so far the response has been astounding! We have seen over 200 images submitted to the group pool and have had photographers sharing, encouraging and meeting new friends. We have seen photographers go back to the root of why they shoot and share that with the group, sparking conversation and encouragement. Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed to this and got stuck in, we really hope you keep doing it!

We wanted to share with you all a small, randomly selected taster of the amazing images that have been shared within the group and we really, really encourage you to head over to the Flickr page and check out every one of the amazing images posted to the set. In doing so you will hopefully also make some new Flickr friends, find inspiration and find out more from those around you who enjoy shooting from the heart.

Sacco and Sacco
Lucy Jane
Live it out photo
Garlicky Mum
Ant Lockyer
Amy Radcliffe
Theresa Furey
Pennie Crayon
Cut The Cake

Cath Regan
Summer Love Photography
As for the next project... well we are just finalising a theme and we will let you know what it is to be very soon!

Thursday, 17 February 2011

My love affair with my lady diana... {Joanna}

She is cream in colour, cute and looks so dinky, I sometimes forget to change her settings, I have accidentally sat on her once or twice, she is always in my bag.  I now have boxes of film for her, I have negatives which I pour over and hold up to the light to see it.  I  Sometimes they are out of focus, sometimes they are pin sharp, sometimes they are vibrant and colourful, sometimes they are full of muted tones and shades, sometimes they never come out at all.  They always fill me with excitement whatever the outcome, they always make me smile.  I take her on holiday, for a walk, to my day job (weddings) and on holiday, she has been all over the world and sleeps by my bed.  I love her.... x