Some people call me Joanna others call me Jo.  I have bright red hair that was the bane of my life until I was in my twenties, I have a lot of freckles (if you did dot to dot on my skin it would take you a while).  In an ideal world I would like to be taller and at times quieter!!!!  I thrive on adventure and spontaneity, I have traveled far and wide and had the most brilliant experiences.  I am not afraid to chuck away the lonely planet and travel without a map and see where I end up.  I believe in fate and what comes around goes around, I believe in people and there potential to dream big and make things happen.  I love nostalgia and find comfort in memories, I make cakes in the same bowls my Nan made hers in, I love cooking and she taught me that and I thank her for sharing her passion for food.  I love walking bare foot in the grass and spending an afternoon lying in a meadow watching the clouds in the sky.  I love independent shops, car boot sales, jumble sales, markets and second hand shops - and I like to haggle too.   I live in a old cottage in the sticks and nothing in my house matches, it really is a mix match of all things I love it will never be any other way.   I seek beauty in everything & everyboday around me, and I have learned to be patient, listen and to be honest.