Enthusiastic, adventurous, idealistic, hopelessly romantic, flip flop fetishist, book nerd, gaudy jewellery magpie, obsessive list maker, greedy food lover, camera freak, stationery geek.

Some of my favourite things:
My hilarious little boy Joe, my daft rescued greyhound Freddie, travelling and exploring new places, reading in bed with a cup of tea, red wine and strong cheese, surprises, large and loud jewellery, cooking big meals for people who love food, exploring forests, tattoos, Mike Leigh films, getting the giggles, laminating things, making lists, being in love, dancing, playing the piano, crosswords, libraries, singing loudly (and badly) in the car, sleeping outside in hammocks, candlelight, plane journeys in the window seat, sleeping on trains, earl grey tea, snowboarding, buying new rugs, reading stories to Joe, swimming in the sea at night.