Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Indian Summer {Joanna}

After a long old summer of weddings the 4 of us girlies meet up for our annual 'From Our Hearts' holiday... this time we were in gorgeous sussex and the girls came to stay with me.  The house was a bustling cauldron of chatter, giggles and laughter, 3 chickens, 1 cat, 4 girls and my boy were buried deep in the countryside for 3 days.  We basked in the last bit of summer feasting with picnics, bbqs, walks in the fields, horse riding, mucking around on the beach and snooping round Arundel eating cakes.  The main thing that I love about my time with these girls is that it is a chance to breathe, chat shop, get inspired be creative have some fun and above all hang out.  I took snaps with my digital camera and my film camera I am still waiting for my film shots to come back so for the time being here are my digital snaps.... 

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  1. thes ones of Emma are beautiful! as are the others but Em, you look stunning!!!