Wednesday, 23 February 2011

My iphone is my sketchpad {Joanna}

For me it does not matter where you are, what camera you have got, it is about looking at the world around me and capturing it in some shape or form.  For those who know me you know how far behind at times with technology (I have one foot firmly in the past),  I used to have the oldest phone in the world a nokia which did not even have a camera on it.  It died and I was upset!  however I have moved on and I am the proud owner of an iphone 4 and wow I love it!!  It means that I can wander round listening to music and get inspired at the same time and take some photos wherever I am.  I love the flexibility of this it is so immediate and it inspires me, everyday I shoot things now thanks to this and when I see something then I can capture it, this iphone is like my sketch book, just noting down things that I see when I am out and about...


  1. This is exactly why I want an iphone. Because god knows, I never actually PHONE anyone.

    And I love the guy giving you the stink eye on the train.

  2. Love that comparison! Never thought of it that way before. Love the tube photos-your red shoes, blue tights and red mock crock case match perfectly.