Tuesday, 8 February 2011

from our hearts project

You have just one more week to submit your images to our first project!  So far we have been blown away by how many people have joined the Flickr group and are taking part.. the photos are really beautiful and your descriptions are so touching.  It's also nice to see everyone introducing themselves and starting discussions... that's EXACTLY what we want!!
Here's one that caught my eye that I wanted to share.... thanks Jenn! :)
Jenn Stark - I really wanted to use this 'from our hearts' group as a way to take the idea/theme and shoot something new around what those words mean to me at the time....
'from our hearts' to me brings about a feeling of sharing and freely giving out slices of ourselves and what's most important to us.... and there really is no better feeling than cutting into a large stack of pancakes :)

Looking forward to sharing more of your submissions very soon!
DEADLINE FOR PROJECT - Monday 14th February 2011

Also keep your eyes peeled for our first competition!! Woop woop!!

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  1. Ooo exciting! Have fun shooting everyone