Thursday, 20 January 2011

joanna - The Camping Trip

A while ago I met two fab ladies and not only are they just the nicest people you can meet they are mega photographers, Emma Case & Debs Ivelja. We regularly exchange emails, share ideas, support each other and second shoot for each other. It is really exciting to make friends with people that you share the same passion, dedication and vision and also support each other in our journeys as artists and photographers. We came up with the idea to go away regularly, hang out, take photographs and experiment, try things out and have a darn good time. We packed up the car and headed down to Dorset for a weekend packed full of sunshine and good times!!! However from moment we arrived it rained continuously but it did not dampen our spirits, we headed out to a Fete, the beach, pressed flowers, drank 6 hot chocolates in 20 mins, went to the best pub in the whole world and drunk cider and I nearly found my future husband (nobby!!!! what’s not to love). The tent leaked, we met some great folk, we ate lots of pastry based food, we ended up like drowned rats and even packed the tent down in swimming costumes, here are a few snaps. We (well Emma) is setting up a new BLOG ~ From our Hearts and it will be our space to do what we love with our cameras and share good times, Emma has done a post already and made a little film which is ace take a look here….

One of the highlights was at the local dog show at Kingston Village fete. This is how the conversation went

“Wow is that a dog inside your coat… did not see him there”

“Yes it is, say hello to Snoop…”

“Snoop dog ~ HA HA that is hilarious and he even looks like him!”

“Yeah Snoop as in Snoopy the cartoon”

“Oh OK then, (we are killing outselves laughing) ~ that is genius; as in Snoop Dog!!!”

“Who?….. (awkward silence)”

“Uh? Oh yeah we are in Dorset, at a village fete watching a dog show maybe they don’t listen to ganster rap round these parts!”


  1. Love these photos! They really capture the spirit of the place and the fun you had. It is such a great bond you guys have, I hope to find something like this for myself and my photography.

  2. These are so beautiful, Snoop Dog especially. I love him.