Sunday, 23 January 2011

get involved... our first project...

Our aim is to create an inspiring, creative, supportive, encouraging, exploring community of artists who come together to share ideas, thoughts, feelings, hopes, fears in a way that makes us all smile and feel proud of our wonderful art.  We will be regularly setting projects where you will be free to join in, submit images, comment, talk, meet and learn from each other in a positive and exciting community.

We want you to be completely free with your creativity too!  We found that one of the main reasons why we wanted to come together in the first place was because we weren't shooting for the hell of it anymore... we were shooting beautiful people, beautiful weddings etc and we were absolutely loving it but at the same time we felt we had even more to give...

So... for our first project we are going to call it From our hearts (I promise very soon we will stop saying it as much.. it's just because it's all new and exciting!)

We have created a 'From our hearts' Flickr group which everyone is free to join and we want you to get involved by submitting an image that represents what the words 'From our hearts' mean to you....

We want you to be as free and creative, or as literal as you like...

We will then choose up to ten images from the project and on Monday 14th February we will add them to the 'From our hearts' blog.  This will be a regular thing with a different word/emotion/thought each time as we want this community to be something where everyone is involved... :)

There will also be other projects popping up regularly which we will keep you posted!  It's all very exciting!!!


  1. What a lovely idea. Really good luck with the whole project guys .. it sounds fantastic!

  2. I struggle to keep creativity flowing and keep my ideas fresh, so I will try my hardest to be involved! Great idea btw :)

  3. Such an amazing, inspired idea! I'm sure you'll get lots of creative responses...if it's open to everyone, I might have to get my little point and click out! ;)

  4. It is most definitely open to everyone!